San Diego Mortgage Assistance Attorney

Most people who come into the Law Office of Michael E. Ripley are searching for someone who will help them hold onto their homes. They are under tremendous stress of meeting their financial obligations.

Stop Foreclosure With Experienced Mortgage Assistance Lawyer

When clients come to our office looking for help to stop foreclosure, we sit them down and ask:

  • Are you currently in default of your mortgage?
  • Have you received a notice of trustee's sale?
  • What is your lender communicating to you about your situation?
  • Do you want to keep your home?

And then we get to work as an intermediary between the homeowner and his or her bank or lender to find a solution. To schedule a free consultation to discuss your specific legal options, please call 858-792-5800 or 800-757-8000.

Our Business Is Helping People in California

Attorney Michael E. Ripley has been very successful over the years helping people who are facing financial hardships and trying to stay in their homes.

His experienced staff has worked with many lenders over the years to obtain loan modifications for homeowners. We know it takes a lot of patience to get through the process because of all the requirements.

Our core practice area is mortgage assistance, which means we help our clients with mortgage defaults and foreclosure avoidance.

San Diego Mortgage Assistance Lawyer Is Ready to Help

Our law firm has a solid reputation for helping people. In fact, some of our clients seek help from us after having a bad experience with other companies that offer services associated with foreclosure. People are often amazed at the straightforward approach we take to their case.

The staff at the Law Office of Michael E. Ripley has the patience, persistence and attention to detail that our clients appreciate. We are not going to give up on your case, no matter how long it takes.


Call an El Cajon Mortgage Modification Lawyer

We believe in doing the right thing and providing good results for our clients in El Cajon, Chula Vista and Carlsbad. We want to help homeowners stay in their homes by offering cost-effective solutions.

We are now offering a new analysis tool called the Real Estate Services and Technology ("REST") report, which uses specific information about the client, the property and the mortgage. The REST report will run an NPV (net present value) analysis to determine whether it is in the best financial interest of your investor to modify your loan. For more information about the REST report, please click into the REST Report logo on the left side of the page.

Contact us by e-mail to schedule a free consultation. Our San Diego, California, office is open Monday-Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Evening and weekend appointments are available.

The Law Office of Michael E. Ripley focuses on loan modifications and serves clients throughout Southern California, including the East County and North County areas in San Diego, California, which includes: the cities of San Diego, Del Mar, La Jolla, Carmel Valley, Chula Vista, El Cajon, Carlsbad, Oceanside and San Diego County.